Sunday, June 16, 2013

Contolling the Chaos...Continued!

I just spent my weekend cleaning up my yard from the brutal storm here in Atlanta  this past Thursday.  We weren’t hit too badly, just lots of down branches. I was also able to wrap up some much needed power washing on my driveway, a process that has taken forever and a day.  In the process I have discovered it’s a little decompressing for me.  Just me, my power washer, my walkman, listening to some Pink Floyd.  My neighbors probably think that I’m little crazy.  After all, how many women do you know out power washing their drive until 8:00 on a Saturday night?  Probably not too many, I would reckon.

Anyway, last Monday I told you all about the chaos in my garage, mud and laundry room (see Controlling the Chaos).  And I even shared all the great pics that I sent to Frank.  The good news now is we’re about done… only eight months later!  I don’t really understand why. For a couple who doesn’t own any sports equipment, backpacking and hiking gear, hardly any grilling stuff, and very little gardening stuff for that matter, this process has taken a while.  But, I discovered we have enough painting rollers and such to start our own painting business.  The reason for this is because when we (mostly Hubby) can’t find something we go out and buy it. So I have sorted and sorted painting brush, sticks, rollers, drop cloths, paint… you name it.  And I have put the fear in Hubby!   Here are a few items that I’m going to finish picking up so that we're ohhh so organized!

I have a few of these galvanized bins already...great for garage stuff. At Home Depot

 I have a few of these Smith & Hawken chalkboard baskets from Target, and love them.  Where I keep my gardening gear. I need to label steps!

Oh, boy I do need this, and this is the one I'm going to get.  The Heavy-Duty 3 Bin Laundry sorter from The Container Store.

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