Monday, June 3, 2013

Ina's Library

This past March, one Saturday morning, I was on my way out the door for my usual jog when hubby decided that he would  (after eighteen months)  install a door knob on our master bedroom.  Before I got out the door he yelled for me to help him, after all, he was getting his drill out. I wasn't all that annoyed because  Ina was on. This particular show was  her Inaugural Library and she was having everyone over who worked on it to celebrate.  Since Hubby is not that great at using his drill I got to see the whole episode...Yeah!   I was so inspired and absolutely loved everything - bookcases, sofas, fireplace, rustic tables, rug, windows, paint color etc.  I had not been this excited about a room in awhile.  As I went for my jog, I was pondering the whole library and would love for my living room--which I like to call 'Ellie's chipmuck watching room' to look like this. 

Later that evening I tried googling Ina's new  Library to see if I could find pictures or anything about it...but nothing. I did discover that Ina has a blog...Yeah!  Then I tried to catch the next airtime for the episode, which is not easy on my schedule. For the first time, I  wish that we had TiVo.  Since I kept missing the episodes, I did the next best thing and ordered it on iTunes. By the way, the food that she does in the episode looks awesome too!  Next party I'm definitely going for antipasto  platter. 

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