Tuesday, March 4, 2014


After our beautiful Sunday here in Atlanta, most of us, including me, were gearing up for Spring.  Finally, time to put away all those boots that are taking up valuable real estate in my closet.  I've been in the South long enough to know better than changing out your closet. just because you have one or two good days here and there.  Like I always say, "you can get all four season in one day"!  Oh well, time to bust out the hot chocolate.  

But anyway, I know most women have very different things at the top of their spring list.  Believe it or not, I have garden gloves at the top of mine.  My current gloves have so many holes in them they're not even worth putting on, and my rose bushes are in need of some desperate trimming.  I was doing a little browsing  the other day and found these from Red Envelope.  

Come on...how much more elegant can you get with garden gloves?

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