Monday, March 31, 2014

Juliska Classic Bamboo plates...Gotta Have Them!

Easter, Mother's Day, perhaps a few Sunday evening soirees, just to name a few, are all entertaining occasions that are coming up. And I am in need of dinner plates, we currently have joke! They're Pottery Barn's Great White plates which I've had for years, I still like them and there easy to add too. But I'm starting to think, since I've always wanted these classic bamboo plates by Juliska now's my chance to mix them in.  I want everything in the collection, but I think that I will start with what I need, which are the dinner plates.  That way, in case, if we have more than three people over, I'll l be in good shape! Any other suggestions on incorporating some natural glamour to my table?  Just let me know!

I would love the flatware as steps though!

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