Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crazy Week!

Monday - Beautiful weather here in the South.  Spent a little time browsing my new favorite store, Terrain, and found loads of stuff I want!  Later that day spotted this Barbour jacket--thought about ordering, though still on austerity. Plus, probably won't need it!
Tuesday -  Had lunch with my good friend Ann.  Discussed her upcoming trip to London and Paris.  Forgot to mention to her about this site for some cool travel the maps!
Wednesday - So much for spring - back to Arctic temperatures!  Glad I did not go crazy at the nursery Sunday.  Wished I would have ordered the jacket in green, of course!  Read this article (hairdresser needs more chic magazine)  while trying to decompress having hair done...felt better!
Thursday - This morning felt like the "Michelin Man" while out walking Ellie. Dash out of the house to retake picture for passport renewal. What to wear? Still cold!  Perhaps will order jacket tonight!  Later while at Trader Joe's, saw a woman wearing cute rain jacket. Then  Lemon - Ricotta Cupcakes, found in Food and Wine popped in my mind.  Must add them to my Lemon repertoire from last week.
 Friday - Not there yet...fingers crossed!

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