Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lemons...on my mind!

Since January I've had nothing but lemon dessert recipes on my mind.  Perhaps it's that beautiful lemony color, I don't know.  But first there was the February issues of House & I found this delicious looking lemon tart that you see above. The food editor, Eric Vellend said that he puts "extra yolks in the curd to boost the color".  Something else that was a little different about this particular lemon tart that I have never seen, he used cornmeal as well.  He even added a guilt free version which I did indeed take note of.

Then last week, I found these Skinny Lemon Bars from my new favorite go-to food site, The Skinny Fork.  I just love that name--so cute!   Here's one more lemon dessert for you, this Saturday while browsing through the April issue of Country Living I came upon this Meyer-Lemon Tart with Gingersnap Crust...sold!  I'm a pretty easy sale when it comes to gingersnaps.  Over the holidays I had Hubby whipping up all kinds of  cheesecakes with a gingersnap crust.  But if you happen to be watching your weight like I should be doing, then you can always do a big bowl of lemons and call it a day!  Happy weekend!

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