Thursday, March 20, 2014

Finding French Macarons in the South!

As I type this post, I'm staring at a dog-eared image of French macarons and a LADUREE business card that is sitting on my desk.  I don't know why but I have an obsession with LADUREE and their famous French Macarons.  Perhaps, it's those  beautiful colors of the macarons or that pretty green box that there packaged in...I don't know!  My friend Catherine went to Paris a few years back. I had mentioned to her my obsession with LADUREE (the very famous French tea saloon who perfected the macaron) and one place that I have never been to while in Paris. That afternoon,while chatting with Catherine, I do hope that I did not hint too much to her about my obsession because, later when she arrived back to the States, she called me the next day with excitement and mentioned that she had a perishable from Paris that she needed to give me right away! 
Catherine went way beyond the call of duty and I'm still grateful, especially when she told me about the long line that she waited in to get them!  Later that evening Hubby and I devoured every single one of them.  And yes, beyond that pretty green box and the actual beautiful looking macarons themselves, there really very good!  Take my word!  My empty box sits in a bowl where I keep my keys and sunglasses, and it reminds me of my friend Catherine. 
While reading the March issue of Living, Martha shows us how to make French macarons.  However, I know my culinary skills and this would not end will!  With spring comes lots of showers and hostess gifts, and if your anything like me, you just want to arrive at your destination with a beautiful package.  Or if your a hostess, like me, better yet, you just want to pick something fancy up and set it on a platter.  Guess what? If you don't have a trip to Paris lined up or even New York - I found a few places here in the you go! 
Sucre' - Located in New Orleans, my brother-in-law's neck of the woods. And my friend Coleen is heading there this weekend, who was asking me for suggestions and I couldn't give her anything, until now. And no that is not a hint Coleen! Gluten free too mind you!  I love the box - Perfect hostess gift and they ship. 
Alons - For all my Dunwoody friends!
Douceur de France - Better yet! Located in Roswell my neck of the woods and just around the corner from my house.
Star Provisions - For all my inside of the perimeter friends.   
But if you're anything like me, you just enjoy looking at them! 

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