Saturday, October 25, 2008

One Fine Day--de Gournay!

Image from de Gournay

Ever since last Sunday, obsessing over Michael Smith’s farm house, and admiring basically every single room, I noticed that there’s one room in particular that I cannot stop thinking about—the master bedroom. Unfortunately, with the picture I showed of the master bedroom, you were probably not able to capture the beautiful hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper that really made the whole room. Note, the house is also featured in Michael’s new book (trust me; I don’t work for these people, I just post what truly inspires me), and I was able to see a few more photos from there. Anyway, that same day I was also reading through Domino’s new book with its beautiful de Gournay cover. I quickly starting pondering all the rooms that I had seen done with de Gournay wallpaper and fabric, and immediately started thinking to myself how that maybe, One Fine Day, I might be able to incorporate it. Perhaps in my tiny little closet, a small powder room, or perhaps on one wall in my dining room or office—basically, where I could afford to put it and admire it every single day. For me, my favorite pattern is the chinoiserie. The wallpaper is hand painted, which comes with a price tag—a 3’wide panel is $600—so not exactly cheap! To do a whole room would quickly, quickly, quickly add up! However, I don’t think you would have to break the bank to use it because a little of this beautiful wallpaper would go a long way!!!

The wallpaper Michael Smith used here is Earlham by de Gournay - love it!
Image from Elle Decor Nov 2008

One of my favorite rooms by Miles Redd! Image from Domino

Love this dining room by Todd Romano!

Here is one of my absolute favorite rooms by Barbara Barry. The sunroom is done with a silk chinoiserie. Image from Architectural Digest

I have an anniversary coming up and I’ve never really been a jewelry-type girl. Yes, as strange as that sounds, I know. The hubby even thinks so but he is secretly quite pleased about it . Although he never really knows what to get me since he does not have the standby like jewelry. Hey hubby-- how about a panel of de Gournay chinoiserie hand painted wallpaper! That would, no doubt, do very nicely!!! But for now, until that fine day, I guess Domino’s new book cover will have to suffice!!!



Capegirl said...

I had to run out and get the magazine. What a magnificent home.

Lisa D. said...

Hi Capegirl:

I'm sorry that I could not get a better picture of the beautiful wallpaper. So glad your enjoying the home as much me! I'm still thinking about it!!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Can I tell you what I'm dreaming of on my walls? ZUBER!!!!!!

Meghan Lietz said...

I was just reading your post. I too LOVE De Gourney but can't figure out how to do a whole room because of the price. I found this company on and the person who started it is a former De Gourney artist..LOVE this wallpaper and it's "only" $190 a panel!