Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Picks -- On a Budget!

Finally, after dusting off my computer and settling down a little bit, I’m finally able to spend a little time blogging –yeah! So back to where I left things off—fall picks, budget or not! So here are a few of my very budget-friendly picks.

Earlier, I had mentioned a pretty, brown vase from Carolyem Roehm for $20—not bad at all—although I still need to order it! But here’s something that you will have fun tracking down— vintage, colored mason jars, which you can easily find at flea markets, junk stores, etc., for $3-$6. Depending on the season, I like them with orange mums. Red Gerber daisies also work, or one single white hydrangea–the sky’s the limit. This past Sunday morning after my jog, I told my neighbor Sandy I was heading to Whole Foods for some flowers, and she asked me to pick her up a few for a little evening fall soiree. So instead of just knocking on Sandy’s door and handing them to her-- I pulled out one of my mason jars, chopped and viola—easy—and Sandy was thrilled. I should probably say that Sandy is easy to please, but hey, it met all our needs.

Just wondering how many Whole Foods stores in the country carry Dolly Parton CD’s while checking out – just a thought!

Anyway, next, even though I have not been posting my own blogs, I have spent a little time pouring over Eddie Ross’s new and very inspirational blog. With fall upon us Eddie has been talking about his love of copper. I love copper too, and it’s one of the few collections I have. However, most importantly, I picked it up while working (in the fields of the U.K) so it was very inexpensive! But, trust me, you can find it here in the states just as inexpensively. One thing I like to do is use my Victorian copper boiler (which I see everywhere here in the south) The boiler has several great uses. The Victorians used them to wash their clothes, but we have better methods for that. I like to use mine especially for fall (actually, I have two of them) to put a pretty golden yellow mum in. I also like to ice it down for white wine or sparking water for a fall evening dinner. Later on, when I’m lazy, I’ll throw fire logs in it and I’ll use the one in my mudroom to recycle the New York Times! More later! Thanks Granny!

Happy Fall


GrannySmithGreen said...

Love it! Thanks for the always inspiring posts! Sorry it took me a while to respond. Coffee on the computer is not a good thing.

The mason jars! That is the best! I am supposed to do table decorations for a group next month. I was just thinking about using the mason jars as vases. I think I'll group severa sizes together. I've got some old quilts that I may use as a table topper as well. Economical, "down home" and novel.

What do you think? More snazzy ideas are always welcome!

Lisa D. said...

Love the thought of using mason jars & different sizes! My picture was not the best-- I was in a little time crunch! I wish I had more time, however I think you could do so much with the mason jars & especially for fall! I will ponder some more - tell me more!

P.S. Will keep coffee away from computer - thanks for the warning!