Friday, September 19, 2008

Ohhhh Fall!

Image from A Home for all Seasons

After reading this past Thursday’s New York Times Home section article on design bloggers and their favorite new Fall picks, I started pondering a few things that I thought would do quite nicely for Fall. So with Fall being the operative word here, and with budget (particularly mine) and needs in mind (particulary mine), here’s my take.

In the October issue of House Beautiful I could not help but notice this cozy supper for two by Ralph Lauren. I love the buffalo check napkins and I think they would add a nice big impact for a festive Fall table setting. If you’re thinking that may be a little much for your pocketbook, feel free to zap me an e-mail and I would be happy to suggest something even more budget-friendly—napkins with a similar look.

Applewood Check Napkin $25.00

Now, how about this brown bud vase from Carolyne Roehm, which is currently on sale for $20.00. I would like to order a couple of these today to fill later with a few spray roses-- orange in particular for the fall sesaon. Looking for something even more budget-friendly (especially after the turn of events in the last couple of days) that will add a touch of fall -- just give me a shout, I think I may have a few things in mind which would involve my favorite thing to do (antiquing or junking depending how you look at).

Moving on, in the October issue of Domino, I loved this bathroom done by Rita Konig. I almost bought the magazine while at the bookstore the other day but figured I would wait until my mailman decided to deliver it! I love those sconces and I’m thinking about adding them to my fall list—either for hubby’s bathroom (that I hope to have in the works here soon-- lord knows he been complaining long enough) or to add to a few bookcases that I currently don’t have (and that is another story, I’m afraid). Also, I’m thinking that is a pretty good price for the sconces.

Circa Lighting "Boston" Wall Lamps $273.00 each.

Hmmm Hound-Tooth!!! I always love this classic….

Bantry check Place Textiles

Indeed nothing screams Fall more than a tartan throw, and this one I think would do very nicely! Price is not too bad at all.
Throw from Pendleton

Finally, now that the temperature has cooled down and my basset hound has came out of hibernation-- I think the hubby and I will take him and his sister Ellie for a nice long walk in the woods this weekend. While walking I’ll gather some pinecones to place in an old bowl ---hey it’s free!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps I should rename my blog to the Thrifty Southern –More later!

Please share some of your Fall picks…budget or not!

Image here & above from A Home for all Seasons


GrannySmithGreen said...
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GrannySmithGreen said...

Oh, my friend! We are on the same wavelength! I am loving the change of seasons. I am trying to think of things I already have that I can use in a fresh way; Budget...thrifty? TELL ME MORE! I am ALWAYS up for saving a few coins. I jokingly say that finding a deal is like the Super Bowl for me. I get so excited!

Cote de Texas said...

I am NOT ready for fall!!! I had the worst summer!!! not fair. I refuse. so there! haha!!!! I want my summer back.


Lisa D. said...

Hi Joni:

Sorry about your summer! Hope your fall is better & when you start getting in the mood I would love to hear your suggestions.



Lisa D. said...

Hi Granny:

Ok, my asignment for the week - sounds good! I agree, I love a bargain as well!



GrannySmithGreen said...

I'm missing your great posts! Where are you?
Oh, and have you SEEN the new VERANDA! AHHHH!!!!
The equestrian room!!!!!!

Lisa D. said...

Thank you! Things have been a little crazy in my house hold lately but in a good way which I hope to talk about here very soon. And finally the Hubby & I are going to Lexington this weekend for a little fun. Any recomemdations for antique shops etc.?

P.S. I almost bought a equestrain oil but figured I would wait to see if I found something better once in Lexington.