Thursday, August 6, 2009

Decorating A Man Cave!

Around this time last year I came to the conclusion that we needed a bigger house! After knowing that we would never get around to adding on to our small cottage, and after complaining to my best friend Susan that I was tried of hearing video game car racing and explosions in basically every single room of our cramped little house--she told me that I needed a man cave! 'What's a man cave?' I asked. She said, "basically someplace to throw your husband, all his stuff and his friends for fall drafting season. That's what they called those rooms in Missouri! Of course, I loved the thought of this man cave! A place to put my husband, his stuff, and not really have to go into if I choose not too--yeah!
Photo from Southern Accents May/June 2009
Inspiration for my man cave.

Later while out shopping for a house, the man cave was no doubt added to my needs list. After all, I could do without a lot of things, and this man cave would take precedent over everything else. Since the man cave would probably include our only flat screen TV (I hate them too)--I would definitely visit from time to time to take in a movie or two, and perhaps The Food Network and HGTV (basically they only channels that I really watch).

Another room I love!

Now to speed things up a bit, I did get the man cave that I had longed for, and guess what, it has carpet--err! That will change down the road, though! It's the only room on the bottom floor with carpet! So guess who hangs out in there? Yep, two dogs, Rolle the basset hound and Ellie his sister. The best part is that the man cave is on the west wing of the house! This is good in some respects and bad in others, for instance, I no longer her explosions but my dogs hang out there with their dad all the time! After all, I want the room to be cozy, comfortable and a little masculine, but pretty too, so I'll visit...and ahhhhh very English!

I am still working on my man cave -Monday I meet with meet with Yung Li to discuss pillows!

My Man Cave under construction!!!!!!!!!

Ellie our dog behind the chair - I know it's a dark picture but.....


GrannySmithGreen said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah! You are back! I've missed you!

I'm so excited to see your "man cave" under construction. Isn't it wonderful to have a place for them to go!

Your inspiration photos, as usual, are just great. So pretty!

WHAT ever will we do without Southern Accents. I'm just beside myself!

Again, yeah! You're back!

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Granny! I've missed blogging but I had a hard time thinking straight with all that mauve paint! I've barely talked to anyone because I was so focused on painting!!!!!!!! Yes, Southern Accents I still can't believe it, in fact I was still thinking about it when I woke up this morning.

susani said...

Love the Limonia from Calico Corners fabric. Just beautiful. Cant wait to see a finished picture of your room. That is one fancy man cave. The men in our area have a whole different take on "Man Cave". Most are decorated with dreadful pinup calendars and Nascar memorabilia. I Like Michaels new room MUCH better.

Lisa D. said...

Thanks! He did show me a few pictures of what he thought it should look like, but of course, I disagreed! As you would expect, purple & gold - errr! Also, I will be returning to the Limonia - I'm having Yung Li make a slipcover in it! Thanks again, for the "Man Cave" advice!