Friday, August 28, 2009

Powder Room Dilemmas - Continued!

The July 2009 issues of House Beautiful did a nice a nice article on 50 Waste Baskets for Small Spaces. The Hubby and I had just moved about a month before into our all-mauve house with really, really, bad bathrooms (as you are finding out)! So yes, I was quite excited to see this articles! I began to think to myself , now here I go, maybe I can just add a pretty trash can to my powder room, get some monogrammed towels, cute soaps, and call it a day. And perhaps, no one will notice how god-awful ugly it really is--until I get some money to give it a good overhaul!
Now in all fairness, I must give House Beautiful credit because they did feature waste baskets in all affordable price ranges, with the cheapest being $7 to one of the most expensive being a beautiful hand-painted chinoiserie cachepot for $395 from HollyHock, which of course, I naturally loved and wanted! Since I could not afford to spend $395 on a single trash can , I thoroughly sat down and examined each and every one of the 50 waste baskets. The next one I came across and loved was the Imperial trellis basket for $110. Hmmm, I don't think so, still too high for my budget...need to keeping going! And then came the Zebra waste bin in yellow for 135...O0ps, I'm going in the opposite direction. Here we go, the Floral 1 on Aqua wastepaper basket for $112.... nope still need to take it down several notches! Finally I spotted the quilted Bee Basket for $75.00 from Ballard Designs. However, I better not forget tax and shipping!!!!

Now, math has never really been my strong suit, but the pedestal sink I want, which I already have picked out, is around $300. Plus, I can probably do better than that once I really start to look for it. I think I'll put the wastebasket plan aside and save my $$$. Maybe if I do end up wallpapering the powder room, I can just dig up a can around the house, such as hubby's collegiate, purple and gold LSU trash can, wrap some pretty wallpaper around it and call it a day!!!!!!!!! What do you think?

All Images from House Beautiful


Cote de Texas said...

cute trash cans for sure = send me the pictures when you are ready - I'd love to see them!

Lisa D. said...

Will do! Also, we need to talk about the Bordeaux (Something Gotta Give) fabric. I just spotted it used in a back copy of Southern Accents for a dinning room. The reason why I bring it up is I'm working on my breakfast room. I'll eep you posted. Thanks again,for all your great post,! I've been reading all of them and even referring back but not always finding the time to comment. So thanksssss!!

GrannySmithGreen said...

I'm thinking a trip to Ballard's Backroom is in order, don't you?

Lisa D. said...

I think they are sick of seeing me there already! I go to the one here in Roswell,they have slimmer pickins but I've picked up a few things here & there . Such as, the parsons chairs that were about $50.00 cheaper then at the Howell Mill location. Speaking of, How did you make out in Atlanta?