Friday, August 7, 2009

Finding a Good, Reasonable, and Reliable Reupholster!

I had to say goodbye to my beloved handyman back in Nashville, but on the bright side of things of being back here in Atlanta I was able to reunite with Yung Li, my reupholster lady--Yeah! My goal is to one day have my handymen, carpenters, reupholsters, etc. all in the same city. I had met Yung Li several years ago through her sister (who made my pillows for my antiquing business). To make a long story short, when you find someone who is good, reasonable, and reliable you stick with them. The Hubby says that I talk about Young Li as if she were the Savior. Anyway, Young Li and I have a certain understanding, if you have ever seen Father of the Bride, with Martin Short's character, Franc, you know what I'm talking about! Basically, there are only two words that she says that I can even understand "cheap and expensive" and that is OK with me! The hubby thinks she more like Edna 'E' Mode from the movie The Incredibles!

When moving out of our our storage bin Yung Li meet with me and I gave her several piece that had been on my radar list for only the last six to seven years or so. I was determined not to move one piece into my new house because I knew that they would sit there for another six to seven years. One thing that Yung Leigh could not get at the time when we were loading things up was a huge old french chair that was being stored way down in my In-laws far, far, left corner basement. In fact, the huge chair was so bad that my Mother-in-Law gladly delivered the thing to the hubby and I two whole days after we moved into our house. I really wanted to pitch the chair but the hubby insited we keep it, so I quickly gave it to Yung Li to work her magic so I did not have to look at it.

This coming Monday, I'm meeting with Yung Li to talk about my bedroom and man cave problems but mostly my bedroom. In a nutshell four or five years ago (time really goes by fast when your talking about fabrics and reupholster work). Anyway, I bought Silk Trading Companies's Dutches Blue Silk panels for my bedroom. The problem is that I have three panels and I need four and no money to put in dutches blue silk panels. Also, for my new bedroom I bought Restoration Hardware's Clear The Decks (code for you can't return it) Italian Tipped Faille shams, duvet etc. in celery green. Now to tie the two together I'm thinking about this fabric from Calico Corners "Limonia".

"Limonia" from Calico Corners

They other problems in my bedroom is I need bed skirt, a slipcover for a old sofa that had been sitting out in my tool shed in Nashville for three plus years, and a slipcover for a bench at the foot of the bed and I have yet to find the bench! Yung Li has already diagnosed some of these issue and suggested that she would be happy to make me a bed skirt out of one of the panels and putting something else on the Windows but no way am I'm doing that. Later!!!!!!!!

All Images from Calico Corners

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