Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who Has The Time to Cook?

About a month ago, I bought some cabbage in hopes of doing something better with it then just mixing it with mayo. My intentions were good since the hubby and I were not really going to be doing too much traveling this summer. My plans were that we would enjoy our summer months with some good old fried chicken, slaw, tomato pie, green beans etc. Well it's been a month and the cabbage is still sitting in my fridge, rotting away.

Last week, Janice (from work), who knows that I've just moved, and that I've been inundated with mauve paint, came to my rescue and forwarded me 101 Simple Salads for Summer from the New York Times. Yesterday, I finally had time to look at some of the recipes. Now it's time for some NEW cabbage and to stock our pantry!

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Anonymous said...

love your blog....glad to see you back.