Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Need a Bed Skirt!

I'm in desperate need of a bed skirt! The Hubby and I just moved--well, I do reckon it has been almost three months. This should be more than enough time to have found a bed skirt to my liking and my budget! I had thought about having Yung Li make one for me, but after I added up the cost of the fabric and the cost of Yung Li, I decided it was $400.00 that I would much rather spend somewhere else, such as a king size mattress!

Three months ago when the Hubby and I made (hopefully) our final move for awhile--Mother-in-law's advice was to go out and buy the best king size mattress that we could possibly afford! Our old mattress was tossed into the dumpster after moving out of Nashville. I saw no point in putting it into a storage bin, and taking up valuable space--after all, it was a mattress that I've had been carrying around since I was a single girl (before hubby), it went into our first condo on Peachtree Street, our first house in Roswell, and then we hauled it with us to Charleston. After that, back to Atlanta for a brief pit stop, and then on to Nashville for a move or two, and then finally back to Atlanta again! It was time to pitch the thing. One day, we'll get a king size mattress, but for now we've just pushed our two twin beds together, and that works just fine! Mother-in-law did gave us a twin-bed converter (basically a piece of foam) and it makes a queen! So for now, we need a bed skirt! I'll deal with the mattress issue when I have out of town company.

Malaika - On my wish list!!!

I'm giving the hubby a Birthday party here in a couple of weeks and I would prefer to have my bed made regardless of what it is - twin, queen, king--because my guests won't notice the mattress issue, but they will notice that it's missing it's skirt. All I want is a basic white, well-tailored, affordable bed skirt. Please help!!!!!!!

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susani said...

I would never spend my budget on a bedskirt. Especially since you are going for crisp and white. You can find them everywhere for much less. Even Target. Ha Ha. Spend it on your window treaments. Just my ten cents.