Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Day at Target!

The other night, when I got home from work, I was going through my receipts and noticed one from Target, where I had just been the night before. Getting ready to pitch it I had remembered from the sales clerk that if I went online to talk about my shopping experience,I could possibly win $5000! Could certainly use $5000K in this house hold! So, here it goes, Target!

I have been shopping with you for years. My thoughts are that if I spend an hour or so of my time each week shopping for domestic goods, then I want the store to be first and foremost extremely clean, well-stocked, well-lit, with excellent selections that retain my interest and are reasonable priced. When a huge chain grocery store took over Harris Teeter here in Atlanta several years ago, I boycotted it because they ruined the stores, and alot of it had do do with very bad lighting.
Now, I particularly love the Fieldcrest Luxury brand. I just bought the 500 thread count embroidered sheet set in white, the coverlet in green, and the pretty Victorian Sage green bath mats. I would like to get the Victorian Sage green towels next. I'm normally a white towel person and have always brought the Thomas O'Brien towels, but Fieldcrest has done a great job with these colors! Also, I'm eyeing Fieldcrest towels in New Wheat for the hubby's bathroom. What's more, I have seen both those same pretty hues someplace else very familiar but for far more $$$.
While still on Fieldcrest, last year, I bought the hemstitched linen napkins in green and would love to get all the colors one day (perhaps if I could win your 5k it could certainly speed things up). Maybe the brown next for my fall Tuscan birthday party that I'm planning for the Hubby. Also, have spotted these napkins somewhere else but of course for more $$$!
Following is just a very small list of things that quickly come to my mind that I have purchased over the years and have been extremely happy with.

1. Bamboo Roman shades - Purchased two years ago for my cottage house in Nashville. I even recall Joni from Cote de Texas admiring them!
2. Basic white dinnerware, ceramic pitchers, cups, etc. to complete my kitchen.
3. Lamps from the Victorian Hagan line--I love her line but have not seen her stuff around this year.
4. Thomas O'Brien white towels
5. Dog beds, Dog toys, Dog bones, Dog treats, Dog food (whew!)
6. Can't forget your name brand Hazelnut coffee - Love it! Can't beat the price!

Very quickly, your package, labeling, and creative ads of course only add to my allure to your stores. You even seem to make buying bottled water, paper towels, and bleach enjoyable !
Keep up the good work !

Sincerely Yours,
Southern Inspirations

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