Thursday, August 27, 2009

Powder Room Dilemmas!

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This morning, as I was blow drying my hair, it had occurred to me that, with the hubby's alfresco birthday party coming up, I have powder room issues that should be addressed before my company arrives. Earlier, when I was complaining about my mauve paint and how it was the biggest problem that I currently had with this house, my next biggest problem is my powder room and how god-awful ugly it is!

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The powder room has several problems: the main one is that it has the same granite as the kitchen and master bathroom. Thus making it look like someone (and not me) got a huge sale on granite! The granite in the kitchen is fine, not exactly my choice but it does not drive me crazy like in the bathroom. On top of this, the walls are still mauve, the lighting fixtures are not coordinated (cheap nickle & brass, mixed), cheap cabinets, and so on. So you can imagine how this is driving me crazy! My mother-in-law came over a few weeks ago and asked to use the powder room and I warned her accordingly! Basically, I have not even been inspired to buy soap! I just want to take a jack hammer to it, but I have no money! Not yet anyway! Some people who absolutely love granite are probably saying oh, no, leave the granite, like my mother-in-law, for instance.. . but I will not!

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Now, I've done a few bathrooms in my time and my plan is simple: I will scrap the granite and make sure it's gets a good home by selling it on Craig's list. I'll get what I can for it and put the money into a pretty white pedestal sink (something I love) and maybe put up some wallpaper, an antique mirror, and antique scones. The flooring can stay since it's hardwood! But hubby's birthday party is Labor Day weekend and that's probably not enough time to get jack hammer out.

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What can I do? Waste baskets for the powder room tomorrow!

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susani said...

Everyone will know it is not done yet so you wont need to apologise. Just forget it and enjoy. Not a granite fan either.