Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Julie & Julia: Very Inspirational & Not Just a Chick Flick!

This past Sunday the hubby and I finally went to go see Julie & Julia. It had seemed everyone I knew had seen it--the in-laws, Janice from work (had seen it twice & even offered to go a third time with me if hubby backed out), a few of our docents, and Sylvia, our octogenarian volunteer, who kindly said it may not be the hubby's thing, hinting that it was a chick flick. My original intentions were to see the movie the weekend it came out, but I got caught up in house stuff, if you can believe that. Now of all the people I know who did see it, I actually was one of the few people who read the book! Well, most of it anyway. Last year I bought Julie & Julia for some summer reading, because I do like to dabble around in the kitchen. After all, I did just post 101 Easy Salads and I may boss the hubby around in the kitchen from time to time--he does like to cook!

Now, I may regret admitting this, but I did not actually finish the whole book because I got caught up in selling our house, moving out of Nashville, looking for a new job, looking for a new house etc. etc., so the book spent seven months in a storage bin. My goal was to finish the book before I saw the movie, but earlier this year I had seen a sneak peak of Julie & Julia and knew I had to add it to my list of movies to see this year. What had sweetened the pot was seeing Ms. Child's kitchen with all that old copper--errrrrr! Perhaps I did have a few ulterior motives! So yes I'm still working on the book! While devouring Milk Duds, Whoppers and M&Ms during the movie, the hubby whispered to me that he wanted a mortar & pestle--Hmmm, I knew he would like it!

Hubby's mortar & pestle lurking in the background!

Last night, the hubby and I were discussing Julie & Julia while cooking dinner which for us consisted of a New York strip and green beans--easy, although hubby did dress the green beans up with a ton of butter! For me knowing that I was out of everything and would have to restock the following day, I told the hubby that I really had to hand it to Ms. Powell for working a day job, fetching ingredients after work and then cooking and not just cooking but FRENCH cooking - not to mention the clean up (hubby's cooked a duck before)! Hubby told me that he really enjoyed the movie as well, and I knew he would because Sylvia, our eighty-something-year-old did not know his love for butter!

Julie & Julia - I loved it and so did the hubby!

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