Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Time!

Last night I was leafing through my Williams-Sonoma catalog and noticed they were offering several complimentary technique classes this month—that I unfortunately have already missed with the exception of Cooking with Balsamic Vinegar, which is scheduled for March 30th. However, the two that I would have enjoyed were Easter Cupcake Decorating or Easter Egg Decorating. I always say I’m going to take a class but somehow never seem to find the time. My neighbor Sandy—the type who makes her own ravioli noodles (which she gladly shares with me and my hubby) worked for Williams-Sonoma over the holidays, and even brought me over a schedule. I even missed those classes. Perhaps Mother’s Day!

All Pictures Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Anyway, I love Easter and I always try to color eggs and do Easter baskets for my thirty-plus- year-old husband and twelve year old basset hound, Rolle. Now, I’ll get to add one for our new addition, our one-year-old Chow mix, Ellie, whom we just recently adopted from the Humane Society. However, cooking a full Easter Brunch just depends on our mood, where we are, etc... Thanksgiving & Christmas we almost always cook!

A few years ago Michael and I did cook Easter Brunch; actually it was dinner by time we finished. I put Michael in charge of Ina’s (Barefoot In Paris) Roast Duck and I was in charge of the Williams-Sonoma’s Coconut Cake with lime curd filling. I forget who handled the asparagus and all the stuff in between. The point is we had a lot of food for just two people and a hound dog who cannot even eat sweets. Yes! I overdo the thirty-plus-year-old’s Easter basket.

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