Monday, March 31, 2008

Visions Of A Greenhouse!

Would love to have one like this - One day!
Picture from Victoria

One day I hope to have a glass greenhouse. I have always loved them! This may have to do with the fact my first grade teacher, Miss Grove, had one. She lived around the corner from me and my good pal Susan. So naturally, Susan (who has the same taste as yours truly) and I were always over there checking out her plants. I even recall her making Susan and me lunch a few times, and us enjoying it in her glass greenhouse filled with fragrant plants in the summertime.
Picture from Victoria

To me, a greenhouse is like a six-burner commercial grade Viking stove. Unfournately I’m not a big chef, nor do I have a huge family of ten to whip up dinner for, nor do I write cookbooks! I do however dabble in the food area and will occasionally try a new recipe from time to time. But I cannot really justify going out this minute and acquiring a big Viking stove! The same could be said about my gardening—I love plants, flowers, nature, and leafing through gardening books. But as my hubby has pointed out--I don’t really have a green thumb! He’s the one who gets stuck doing most of the planting, a talent he inherited from his mother.

So having a glass greenhouse is something I can’t really justify-yet! My little potting shed will have to do for now! After all, Miss Grove was married to a horticulturalist!

I've always been inspired by Edith Wharton's Greenhouse - Sorry about the picture! Again picture from Victoria -issue April 2001. Photographed by Jeff McNamara.

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SusanI said...

Mrs. Grove's Greenhouse. What a wonderful memory. As a child, that somewhat large Green House was very mysterious. A Secret Garden. It was stocked full of tall trees and flowers and when I walked in I felt like I was stepping out of our small town into a beautiful world far away. I can still smell the orchids, dark black soil, and Stargazer Lilly's.(Still one of favorites). My Aunt Yvonne had a standing order for an Orchid Corsage to be sent to my Nana every Mother's day. A fond memory every time I smell the exotic flower. Mrs. Grove was my first grade teacher too. Even my parents first grade teacher. Very well respected. Not everyone got to have lunch in the Secret Garden. I'm not sure if it is the wonderful smells, the beautiful greens colors, the body warming humid air, or just the memory of good times but, I think Mrs. Grove's greenhouse is hard to beat. Maybe we should try:).Susan