Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gardening - Gone But Never Forgotten!

Garden antiques –I thought since I did make a modest living selling garden antiques—I would talk a little about them today. Garden décor was part of my stock when I was an antiques dealer.

Picture Courtesy Of Veranda

Just the other day, I was thinking of a few of my favorite things that I had found while stomping through the fields of the U.K. that I still, to this day, regret selling. First up: my old cement lambs, (which you never, ever, see around). Next, my French bust: I bought her from my source, Jenny, in the U.K. I showed her here in the South at a show and a French man almost bought her. He told me he was going to ship her back to France! Indeed, she almost did a full circle – funny how that happens in the antiquing world. But, when he came back for her, she had already been sold, and was on her way to China to be reproduced. Next up: my gargoyle heads, which came off an old building in the U.K. I bought them for my garden show in Savannah. Finally, some old urns with the perfect patina and—patina is everything in the antiques business. Pity, Pity, Pity-all gone!

My French Bust--Sold!

Although I’m no longer selling antiques, I’m still, however, always on the lookout for stuff! Today, for instance I’m off to fetch some old wicker for my porch. You may think, if she sold garden antiques, why doesn’t she have any old wicker sitting around? Sold that too! And the list is much too long for me to cry over here. Hubby is still pouting over the bistro table I sold last year. I’ll talk more about porches and old wicker tomorrow.

Following are a few of my personal favorite garden shops if you’re looking for garden antiques!

MARSH – One of my personal favorites, both in New Orleans where it’s located, and also in the South! Excellent selection for antiques for your garden. When it first opened by buddy Brandon who was living in New Orleans at the time called me very excited to tell me that I would love this shop-- she was indeed correct!

On the Veranda – I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the two owners Sharon and Diane. After receiving one of their cute business cards, I had to check out their website, since I could not very well jump into my CRV and head to Phoenix to check out their store.

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