Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Southern Porches

Picture Courtesy of Cottage Living

Just the other night, my neighbor Sandy popped over with her little three-year-old girl, Lily. And as are most three-year-olds, Lily is full of energy! The sun had set for the evening and the spring temperature was mildly warm. Since Lily wanted to run around to burn off some energy, the three of us ended up sitting on our porch, an area of the house that I have yet to really decorate. We do have a swing, which we repainted last year, and I did manage to add a few throw pillows. Now I’m in desperate need to have proper seating for at least four-- so hubby doesn’t have to stand. Seating for five or six would be wonderful, but our porch is not that big. Also, a table would be nice so we can set our morning coffee or our evening wine down outside.

Having a porch is something that I’ve always wanted. Our first house (hubby’s & mine) was a brick traditional in the suburbs of Atlanta; hence, no porch! Upon moving to Charleston hubby and I finally had the porch that I had longed for while living in Atlanta. Our porch in Charleston was screened—which was great because it kept the palmetto bugs out!

Now here in Nashville, each evening as we (husband & two K-9s) head out for our evening stroll—I noticed each of our neighbor’s porches. There could be one or two anomalies, but, for the most part, everyone indeed has a porch. Some of the porches are decorated with old white wicker furniture and hanging Boston ferns, a few are decorated with old worn rustic metal chairs, and then there are some with just a swing and some pillows (like mine!). Regardless of how it is decorated, a porch is an extensions of one’s homes. Since Spring is here, and the chills of winter hopefully now behind us, you can bet Frank & Eula will be sitting on their porch waving and inviting me ,the hubby, Rolle and Ellie to come to sit and chat for awhile after we return from our evening stroll. They have plenty of chairs!

I like this book and would love to have that porch--someday!

the southern cottage

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