Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birds Of A Feather!

Since the beginning of the week, I’ve been talking about bringing the great outdoors inside one’s home—botanical wallpaper, trellis, etc. And the one thing that I cannot forget are our little feathered friends. Just this morning Ellie, our chow mix canine, and I were out for our daily jog (we leave Rolle, the basset hound, at home to snooze) and Ellie spotted a robin hovering around some blooming lilacs—which I’ll talk about later! Old bird prints were always something that I would buy when I was shopping for inventory. One thing that I did discover while selling antiques was that there are a lot of avid bird collectors out there, and my mother-in-law is one of them! I knew this way before my antiquing days, but it was nice because I was always well-stocked when hubby needed a quick Mother’s day gift.

There was one Wren water color that actually it belonged to my friend Brandon. She found in it the U.K. on an antiques buying trip with me. Unfortunately, it was sold before I could get to it, but I still remember it! I still have some bird prints that, one day, I will get framed! And, as far as my mother-in-law goes, I get to enjoy the bird prints that the hubby and I have given to her over the years every time we visit his old bedroom. More on The Great Outdoors tomorrow!

All Pictures above from Birds Shown To The Children by M.K.C. Scott
Still waiting for their proper framing-by me!

And here's a perfect example--I've always loved this dining room home of Suzanne Rheinstein. I just wonder how long it took her to get all her birds collected and framed? Picture Courtesy of Domino

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