Monday, June 2, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

It is amazing how just a little spring cleaning ended up blowing up to a huge two-month nightmare! First up on my spring list, reconfiguration of my tiny closet, and finally getting all matching new hangers that I’ve longed for-yeah! Next, redecorating every square inch of our cottage-- code for rearranging the living room, dining room and office around a big flat-screen TV, so it’s not the first thing the burgler sees when he comes in the front door! And finally, reorganizing—trashing magazines, etc. mostly hubby’s Game Informers-Ick! Summer is now amongst us and I’m not even done yet, but only because I ran out of money and patience!

Anyhow, the nice thing is now that I have no money, it gives me time to write this blog. I saw this Barbara Barry ( whom I love) ad in the New York Times a few weeks back and thought to myself that I must add some nice new, crisp, white sheets to my spring wish list (although it’s looking like the summer’s wish list!) The only problem with nice, new, crisp, white sheets in my household is our lovely dog Ellie. Being the little fireball that she is especially at 7:00 a.m. in the morning, her favorite things to do after her dad has let her out, is to patrol every inch of our yard, get dirty underneath our muddy deck, and then jump on our bed with freshly laundered white sheets to see if I’m awake. On the other hand the basset hound no longer jumps he is getting to old.

Barbara Barry

So now with my new closet and discovering how empty it looks with new matching cedar hangers I have now turned my attention to clothes. Oh, and I still must remove my coats from hubby’s teeny tiny closet before he threatens divorce! The end!

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