Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Sweet Potato Vine

The Sweet Potato Vine

This morning, I was out chasing our extremely hyperactive dog Ellie around our yard, while in a dress much too short, heels that were already hurting my feet, with wet hair, no makeup on what so ever, dripping with sweat, while screaming and begging her to get in the house before the yard guys came and frightened her with their gigantic riding lawnmower. The yard guys did finally arrive, whom I might also add were very late—way past the time I told them to be there. I had spent last Sunday trying to cut the entire yard with a weed whacker. Anyway, this caused ‘Rosie’, who is me, to be extremely behind schedule. Note—Rosie is the robot maid from the cartoon The Jetson’s, and consequently is also my nickname!

Anyway, during all the commotion I did happen to notice that my sweet potato vine looked fabulous! I had seen the sweet potato vine a few years ago while out jogging and admiring everyone else’s plants in our neighborhood. My mother-in-law, like me, is a dabbler in the garden department too. Last summer, we were out for a casual drive, and we noticed some beautiful flower boxes. She pointed to the cascading chartreuse vine and said that she had just read that the vines were sweet potato vines. I asked her about them, but she said that she had just read about them recently, and didn’t know much more about them. I took note, and tried them this spring in my own urns and flower boxes. Thus far, the vine looks great!

Images from Martha Stewart Living

Happy Friday!

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SusanI said...

Last year our sweet potato vine was the one thing everyone commented on when they came over. EVERYONE! We didn't think much of it until all the compliments came rolling in. They really do add to a landscaping.Ours was purple.