Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visions of a new Bathroom!

The hubby and I have one very small bathroom and now, since I have gone back into the work force, the hubby and I are in a bit of a predicament. Believe it or not, he has never liked to share a bathroom with me. In fact, we have only shared a bathroom once before in our married life and that was in Charleston, and just being able to live there for 20 months made it worth the sacrifice.

When we bought our current house, after seeing the attic, we had full intentions of adding a master suite with a master bathroom in its place. In fact, I wanted to blast out the attic before we even moved into the house. However, things didn’t necessarily go according to our plan—we had to pretty much gut the first floor (and only) bathroom, and that process itself took plenty of time, money, and sweat. Now, a year and five months later we still need a master suite and bathroom!

The truth is, the hubby and I are not big renovators. Yes we both like old houses and attempt to play the part of a renovator, and truthfully, I’m probably more of a renovator then he is! In fact, for Christmas this past year, my in-laws loaded us up with power tools—a circular saw, a jigsaw, and a Black and Decker Workmate. While hubby was opening his gifts (he was happy as a five-year-old getting his choo-choo), I was thinking to myself that he’s going to cut his hand off and blame me for making him do trim in the kitchen, and then there will be blood all over the place. So I told the hubby that we should return all the stuff back to the home improvement store and give the funds to my beloved carpenter—basically, someone who is skilled and crafted, and also would not cut his hand off. Hubby was quite proud of his tools and wanted no part of this scheme. This past January, after pleading with hubby to put the old swinging door up, he, amazingly, enough did not hurt himself.

Hubby is all for adding on a master suite and thinks it will be no sweat, as long as I play the part of the contractor—that way, he doesn’t have to do any of the work. He tries to persuade me with the old, ‘I’ll have more to decorate’ ploy. Whatever happens, I’ll be ready for our next bathroom and here’s what I have in mind!

All pictures from Design Inc.

I love this bathroom! Very fresh with a few traditional antiques.
I've aways loved Farrow & Ball St.Antoine wallpaper-one of my favorites!

For resources go to Design inc. "Danny's Bathroom"

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