Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So Long Kate!

Cira 2001 Kate Spade

Last fall, when I first started writing this blog, I talked a little about my circa-2001 Kate Spade wicker purse, and how I was still carrying it around—way, way, way beyond the hot summer months—not too fashionable, I know! However, there are many reasons why I‘m too lazy to change my purse for each season and I will not even attempt to bore you with them now. This summer, I finally decided it was time for a much-needed change! I wanted a purse that met my many needs. It had to look cool and summer-y, and go with everything that I wear in this heat. I had to be able to carry it every day and get my entire life into it —big hair brush, cell phone, makeup, bills, calculator, and a day-timer that I have had much longer then I care to admit. Yes, I still have a day timer, and I’m not ‘upgrading’, I really don’t need the Blackberry that the hubby has been trying to push on me lately- I much prefer to look at my pretty lizard-skin organizer.

Preparing for my upcoming purse splurge, I popped into the Coach store. I do pop into the Coach Store from time to time –however, it has been a very long time since I bought a coach purse. I just recently sold a couple at a yard sale, and the lady who bought them was ecstatic. I have one left, it’s one that the hubby bought me way back when for an anniversary present after he interrogated me for a month on why I needed a five hundred dollar purse. Note, strangely enough, price never seems to be the issue when it happens to be something he thinks I need, like a Blackberry or iPod. I personally think this is so he can conveniently use these gifts at his leisure. One birthday, he gave me a fancy hi-tech coffee machine.

When I was in the Coach Store, about a month or so ago, the Madeline purse really caught my eye. I love all the colors and it’s big enough to get my entire life into. It’s nice, leather, carryall tote. In the end, I chose the buckskin color!! Now when fall arrives, perhaps I won’t look to too unfashionable until I have to start this whole process over.

"Madeline" leather tote by Coach

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