Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dressing up the Foyer!

A foyer, to me, is something very foreign and luxurious--in our first home (hubby’s & mine) I had one--and the hubby and I ended up moving to the suburbs in order to get it. My buddy Susan has asked me what I think she should do with her huge, long, narrow foyer. She also mentioned that she would love a big huge hall tree--and by the way--she only has a wee bit of funding! No problem, I said. I’ve done miracles with next to nothing for one of my other clients (the hubby). So, in my buddy’s case, she has a long narrow foyer--I don’t have the exact measurement--but it’s big! She has one huge wall that’s asking for a huge piece of art, or a mirror. Art work can be very hard to find, especially when you’re looking for it--so I would say go for a mirror. I also suggested a long table, or she could do a bench – something to sit on while taking your shoes off. Or, she could also do the long table with stools, or small ottomans, underneath!

Following are a few examples of foyers that I had in my files that I’ve always admired.

The first one: if Susan had more of a square foyer, I would tell her to go for a nice skirted round table. I love that skirt, with the books and the Benjamin Franklin bust on top. Also, it appears they have a nice huge mirror, and that, of course, opens up the room. And, I love the chairs. Susan may ask why I even brought this one out of my files, but, if she does a long table, then she can do a symmetrical look with the some antique or vintage chairs--Susan is more of a traditional type girl.

Images from House Beautiful - Designer Tom Scheerer - Photograph by Christopher Baker

The second foyer is by Michael Smith. I’ve always loved this look--light and airy--and I love the silk curtains, but Susan doesn’t have a window in her foyer. I had better keep looking!

Image from Michael Smith's Elements of Style

Now we are getting closer–I love this foyer, and there is the art work that I’m talking about, along with the bench and a nice long runner.

Image from Traditional Home Designer's Mary Ames & Mark Ashby Photograph by John Granen

Here is a foyer just like my buddy’s--so she could do something similar. I’m not too crazy about the red mirror, but I’ll find her a good one! I do like glass lamps and if Susan chooses more traditional pieces, then the glass lamps are a great way to update her setting. So I will keep looking , but I do have a few ideas on what she can do, and a few places she can go, so she won’t have to mortgage her house to dress up her foyer!

Image from Domino Dec/Jan 2007 issue

I think we can squeeze Susan in a coat rack as well! And I'm going to tell Susan to cut some of her beautiful Hydrangeas; they will add a lot!


SusanI said...

I love 2nd and 3rd one. Thanks you so much for your help. Now that I have ideas I need to start looking for the peices. You also solved my curtain issues with. Thanks!! Also, I love the day bed, please do not change the fabric.

Lisa D. said...

Thank you! Let me know what you're interested in & I can make some suggestions on where to go. Off hand, try Silk Trading Co. for your window treatment. Funny, I almost did a post on them the other day!