Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Me and my Aesthetician!

Having lived in Nashville for almost three years, you would expect that I have certainly spotted a few celebrities here and there. One such sighting was none other than Nicole Kidman. I spotted her while I was ordering my low fat misto. After leaving Starbucks that particular morning, I was thinking about Nichole’s beautiful skin and how I wanted it! I was on my way to Atlanta for a little business, but, most importantly, I was scheduled to see my aesthetician. So I had a little time to ponder my observations and I was most certainly going to ask the aesthetician some questions at our appointment. I kept my aesthetician in Atlanta for many reasons, primarily cost! Personally speaking, I think Faith, Dolly, and Gretchen drive up the prices around here. Secondly, I want someone whom I can trust to not burn my face off after a chemical peel. And third, my aesthetician in Atlanta liked to barter services- they know I decorate!

After my meeting, I called my other beauty adviser, my best friend Susan. Susan is always up to date on the latest skincare products, cosmetics, perfume, lotion , eye cream, suntan screen, etc…..When we were children, she was always whipping up special concoctions. As a teenager she never had one pimple to speak of . By trade she is a nurse, but personally, I think she should have been a chemist or a dermatologist or Este—as in Lauder! One day she sent me on an errand to Atlanta to hit Niemen Marcus to fetch some perfume samples of some very expensive perfume that I had never heard of before so she could try it before she ordered it. Anyway, as children in the seventies, in the summer months after playing Charlie’s Angles we would often sunbathe! I currently have a birthday coming up and Susan just last week sent me an e-mail saying I should treat myself to a nice facial, and reminded me of all the sunbathing we did as children. If she only knew that I went out of the house just last week for my morning jog without sunscreen --she would die!

La Roche-Posay

Now, no longer able to high-tail it to Atlanta, I have since discovered a trustworthy and affordable aesthetician here in Nashville--no financial statements needed! This past January , she recommended La Roche-Posay (a French company) eye cream and I have been very happy with it thus far. Also, today while I was meeting with her to pick-up some more eye cream she told me that the La Roche SPF 40 sunscreen that will be hitting the U.S. market soon. The best part about LA Roche products is that they are budget friendly and they work. The reason, the aesthetician said, it was so budget friendly was because the French refuse to pay a lot for their products, and when they do spend their Euros that the product must work-- and that I can believe!!! Also, she shared with me that L’Oreal has bought the company so my speculation is you won’t have trouble finding it. Just remember to wear your sunscreen!

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SusanI said...

I have always loved anything to do with cosmetics. I was just born that way. My mom said I loved them from the start. Cosmetics and rings with unusually big stones. I do not have a draw full of big-stoned rings but,cosmetics,I have a trunk full of. La Roche-Posay is a very respected skin care company. Especially popular for their stable and effect sun protection. Not all sunscreens are created equal and some do not even block out the aging rays. Good choice Lisa. Bad choice was the day you went out without your sunscreen for a jog. No since in having facials if your are going to damage that new skin. Slather it on my dear.