Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bathroom Visions Continued!

Last week I wrote about how the hubby and I are quite ready for a new bathroom, and if we don’t get one soon we may have to split! This past Sunday, while trying to garden and clean house at the same time, I noticed that one of my favorite bathrooms tear sheets was in my kitchen file. So here it is—another bathroom I would love to have, right down to the silver and the monogrammed towels.

I’ve also been lobbying for a claw-foot tub. Last year when we were remolding our downstairs bathroom I had wanted to yank out the disgusting tub, but to keep the price down (and knowing it would be hubby’s bathroom in the end), I kept it. I have done a little research on claw-foot tubs and I know that they can be quite expensive.

For me, I will probably go the route of getting one pulled out of an old, torn-down house. I know a guy in Atlanta who buys them from demo houses, and he better have a good one when I get ready for it or heads will roll. I was going to buy one from him last year but feared asking my in-laws to store it for us. That would have been bad, despite their 3 story house! The bad thing is, at one time, there was one in our 1930’ s house where we live in now. I cringe every time I walk into one of our neighbors’ open houses and see an original claw-foot tub still sitting there! Oh, in case you are looking for an old tub, let me know, and I’ll share.

All images from Southern Accents - Designers Nikki Baron & Wendy St. Laurent photograph by Carlos Domenech.

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