Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dogs & Rugs


If you have read at least one of my blogs you would know the hubby and I have two lovely dogs—Rolle the twelve-year-old one-eyed basset hound, and Ellie the one-year-old chow mix whom we just adopted this past year. Ellie is named after the street we live on --Elkins Ave. which is where I found her just before the holidays. Anyway, this spring I have been very busy looking for rugs, and this is never an easy task for me due to the two of family members that. I just mentioned. By having all wood floors in our cottage house, rugs are needed to ground the rooms and to cover all floors. Consequently, it has been my experience in the last twelve years that rugs and dogs don’t exactly mix well, especially sisal rugs! So there is a limit to how much I willing to spend on a rug.

The hubby and I have had Rolle since he was six weeks old, and I am very familiar with his relationship with rugs and his sleeping ritual in our house. Rolle starts his early morning nap on his old Ralph Lauren blanket, which now his sister Ellie is pulling all the stuffing out of. His mid-morning nap is taken on our new living room rug. For his mid-late-morning nap he is still content in the living room on our new rug. By late morning he’s ready for the mudroom to try our new chocolate rug (I bought it for twenty bucks at Target) and hopefully his sister Ellie has not dragged it through the doggy door and out into our muddy yard (Ellie spends most of her day outside). Twenty minutes later Rolle is annoyed with his sister and he is ready to come back in the house for his early afternoon nap. It’s back to the living room to snooze on our new rug. On rare occasion, Rolle will join me in the office but very rarely because it still needs a rug! Before Rolle takes any nap, he has to prep his space and this involves scratching the area several times. My mother-in-law gladly brought this to my attention one day last year (as if all these years I did not know) after she had the pleasure of babysitting him that he scraped her 2x3 garage door floor mat and she was not very happy about it. Maybe now she knows why I’ve always seem to be light in the rug department as she has often pointed out to me! By ten o’clock it’s nighty-night time, and Rolle’s heads back to his Ralph Lauren comforter but not for very long! Beginning early morning, he instinctively knows it’s time to make his rounds, and the whole process starts again.

Two rugs that I have had my eyes on -The first one is from Dash & Albert

Brown/taupe Tattersall Rug - It's Reversible!

The other rug is from Williams -Sonoma Home

Nautical Stripe Rug

Ellie and Rolle will be most appreciative!

They usually take about 3 weeks to destroy a new rug. The End!

P.S. I wonder if Dash & Albert need two more spokesmodels.


SusanI said...

Perhaps a rug that will look perfect with the "lived-in" look. A shabby-chic effect.Or,Pottery Barn's "Antique-looking" rugs. Wear and tear will just make them look better. I love Rolle!!

Ashley said...

What happened with your sisal rug? I was contemplating buying one as I thought it wouldn't soak in as much "stuff" when our dogs get sick and hopefully they wouldn't damage it as much when they scratch (our 15 year old dog also has a natural affinity for sleeping all day on anything that resembles a rug and prepping it before doing so). Also, which rug did you end up buying and have you been happy with it? Thank you!

Ashley said...

also forgot to mention that our notorious napper only has one eye too! They would make the perfect pair :)

Lisa D. said...

Hi Ashley:

Whew! That was awhile ago but I did choose the sisal rug. I am pleased to report that is was not Rolle & Ellie's fault but I'm afraid me & the Hubby's. It seems sisal is not very forgiving in the wine department & I ended up pitching it. We have moved since then and I just bought a striped outdoor rug from Target for our sun room. I'm pleased to report that it's holding up great so far. I guess, for me while living with dawgs is that it's best not to invest too much $$$ if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the comment & I just bet you're Napper is every bit as cute as Rolle!