Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bassett Hounds & Coffee Tables!

I desperately need a coffee table—actually, what I’m looking for are pair of tables like the ones I’ve posted below; they are small and can easily be moved around. I‘ve put my good friend Cruella on the little task of helping me locate the tables, and if anyone can find them she can. For my current living room, I think these will work best! I do have a glass coffee table; however, it’s huge and is now up in my attic since my current living room is the size of a shoebox.

Picture from Martha Stewart Living

This huge, thick, heavy coffee table has also proven to be a safety hazard. A few years back, my beloved basset hound, on one particular evening, bumped his head underneath it while trying to get to his mommy and daddy’s gouda cheese. We got the table shortly after we got the dog, so he grew up with this table. He would often hang out underneath it—because he knew his mommy & daddy often used it as their dinner table. He had bumped his head several times before. However, this particular summer evening when he bumped his little head it was not good. He immediately ran to me and I knew something was terribly wrong after looking at him.

The hubby and I immediately rushed him to the emergency room, and we met with an ophthalmologist the following day and she told me he had glaucoma in his left eye, and that it was probably the blunt trauma that caused it. She said it’s was like a huge migraine headache and she gave us some options on what we could do to help him. Giving him eye drops proved to be futile, and in the end, and several thousand dollars later, we decided it was best to remove his eye. Looking back, I think I was more distraught than the dog, and I am pleased to report that Rolle the basset hound is still the same talkative, inquisitive, up-to-mischief hound dog as before. In fact just the other night while attending an outdoors summer Jazz concert (yes, dogs were welcomed) he was going after the fried chicken, just like old times.

Rolle still the cutest kid in the neighborhood !

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SusanI said...

I agree, he is the cutest Bassett Hound I've every seen. Snores a little too loud but, a great snuggle buddy.Ha ha.