Monday, June 23, 2008

Charlotte York's Bedroom

Three and a half years ago I was on a huge mission to find Charlotte’s wallpaper from her bedroom in Sex and the City. After looking high and low and searching on the internet the only thing I could find were some pictures from HBO’s website. Her apartment happens to be one of my all time favorite set designs. You may say—who would not want a huge Park Avenue apartment. But trust me, it’s not about that. For me, it’s really about simple, clean, traditional elegance.

Images above from HBO

One of the reasons why I liked her bedroom so much is the fact that green and white is one of my favorite color combinations. Last fall, when I first started writing my blog I talked about the wallpaper, and what I ended up choosing for my own bedroom from Farrow & Ball. Just this past January I found some big white ginger jar lamps --just like the ones from Charlotte‘s old bedroom at Crate & Barrel (on major sales, I might add). I think I got the last two, and I love them in my own bedroom. For me, finding end tables was basically taking longer than it should and I was a little tired of setting my morning coffee on the floor, so I ended up picking up the lack table from IKEA. The chest I have is 1940’s English mahogany inlaid which is a throwback from my antiquing career—but now needs some repair work done-- something for my handyman Andy to work on. And just this past month, I spotted some slipper chairs in the Restoration Hardware’s summer 2008 “Clear the Decks” section. I did try to order them, but no such luck; however, I keep their Atlanta outlet number on speed dial! Will keep trying, though!

Image from the SanFrancisco Chronicle - 'Sex and the City 'And the Walk in Closet by Anh-Minh Le.

Yesterday, while at work with way too much time on my hands, I stumbled on this picture of Charlotte’s new bedroom, which I’ve been waiting to see for before the movie was even released. I found it while reading an article in the San Francisco Chronicle. It seems Charlotte has new wallpaper, bed, bedlines, bedside table, built in bookcases, a new chest, mirror and the lamps appear to me to be Foo dogs. I love it, and maybe by the time I finish off the old bedroom I can start this one! Lucky me, I do have a small head start—I have a nice antique piecrust table (that is now in my living room) that I can use as my bedside table.

In case you’re wondering, I’m a huge fan of the show. I loved the movie and I even took the hubby and he liked it as well! Trust me, he did, or I would have heard about it and he would have made me sit through Iron Man a second time. He did watch the series with me as well and liked it ---If I had to speculate -- he gets it! Plus, after all, he should know what his bedroom is going too transformed into. The End!

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