Friday, March 28, 2008

Gardening Time - Visions Of Lilacs!

Picture Courtesy Of Martha Stewart Living

Since Spring has sprung here in Nashville and I can assure you it has (I have the allergies to prove it), late last night, I sent the hubby out to fetch some Benadryl so I could get some sleep. So far, Rolle, our Basset Hound, has been pretty good with his allergies. When I first started my antiquing business and I was home a wee bit more during the day, on one particular day I noticed Rolle hyperventilating. As a concerned mommy, I rushed him to his veterinarian. She said “no problem” he has allergies, and then she prescribed him some dogie medicine. I started to think, yep its March, that time of year. But over the years, his allergies have indeed gotten better.

Back to the subject of spring (and, indirectly, pollen), I thought this weekend would be a good time to start some gardening. I have called my yard guy to come by to give it a proper (still waiting for him to return my call) mow. On Saturday, I’ll put the hubby in charge of weeding and planting monkey grass—hey, he likes it! I know how to delegate!

Picture Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

I know that I won’t be planting Lilacs. I love them, but unfortunately cannot plant them here in Nashville. I first really noticed Lilacs when Cruella and I made our whirlwind antiquing trip to Brimfield Mass. in 2002. Beautiful Lilacs everywhere! Maggie, our B&B proprietor, even cut some so Cruella and I could enjoy them with our morning breakfast.

Upon moving to Nashville, one spring morning I was out for my mid-morning jog and I noticed some Lilacs. The homeowner was out taking pictures—so I had to stop to tell her how beautiful they were. She told me the whole story on how this was the first good bloom in years.

Pictures here & below Courtesy of Veranda.
Designer Kathryn Ireland, photography by Timothy Beddow

So last Spring, again while out jogging, I noticed some more Lilacs in our new neighborhood. So I naturally thought to myself—here’s my chance of finally getting Lilacs in my own yard! I know when I lived in Charleston and Atlanta they were out of the question. But with the weather patterns being different here in Nashville—and trust me they are–I thought there was some hope!

Home of Kathryn Ireland

After seeing yet some more Lilacs I immediately y spoke with a landscape designer and told her my big plans for Lilacs and she said, “Don’t even!” I of course was determined to get Lilacs so I got two more opinions and they all said the same thing. At least us Southerners have our hydrangeas. Speaking of which–I am off to check the weather forecast to make sure there’s no snow in sight for this weekend!

Next Peonies!

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SusanI said...

We have a neighbor with a lilac bush (tree as my Husband Joe calls it)that size. I wanted to sneek over in the night and cut me off a bouquet but Joe thought it rude. Oh well, hope ours will produce enough for a vase soon.