Sunday, March 30, 2008

Visions Of Peonies!

After being in a grumpy mood this past Friday, I was very happy when my yard guy arrived to cut our weeds. This cheered me up and got me in the mood to start our long-awaited, and long-overdue, yard work. A few days prior, I finally spoke to my good buddy Cruella, who has been quite busy herself in her own yard-- weeding, transplanting, fertilizing, laying sixty-four bales of pine straw (quite true, she is very serious), and scouring the local Atlanta nurseries for new plants to plant. Anyway, Cruella was most excited, she had finally after all these years gotten some helpful tips for peonies. Cruella knows my love for peonies, so she shared her new advice with me! She said, peonies “should be cut back so that they will grow and bloom on new growth”. Note, peonies like the southern climate a little better then Lilacs, but not much more.

After being inspired by Cruella, I thought I would give peonies a go this spring! After all, my neighbor Eula, who is eighty-something, has them. I just bet she knows a thing or two herself on caring for peonies!

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