Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kitchen Stuff!

All Pictures Courtesy of House Beautiful 2007 isssue
(Kitchen Of The Month)

Last week, I spoke of how I was going to call my beloved handyman so we could continue where we left things off this past fall. First, I should explain why I love my beloved handyman:

1. He returns my phone calls!
2. He shows up!
  • He shows up on time.
  • He even shows up early!
3. He knows what I like & can read my mind
4. He goes the extra mile!
5. He brings me flowers (just kidding)!

With that said, I now need to put him back to work in my kitchen. And you know what? A floor would be nice! I do have a floor, if you want to call it that—wood plank sub flooring that we painted (hubby actually painted & I told him what to do) in a checkerboard pattern. This was done to buy us some time until we could figure out what we wanted to do with our kitchen, expand, counters, etc... Before moving into the house the seven layers of existing flooring (asbestos, linoleum) had to go! Plus, the top layer peel & stick tiles was indeed very ugly and looked liked it had been installed by a five-year-old. I do love my checkerboard floor and the hubby does have talent for drawing and painting. He has quite a steady hand and should have been an ophthalmologist-oh well! Now it’s been a year, and time to make a decision on the kitchen floor- I would hate to spend another winter with sub flooring. Winters here in Nashville get mighty, mighty cold, and turning my oven on first thing in the morning is not going to cut it! I truly envy people with proper kitchen floors but also the ones with heated flooring—how nice!

Last year, around this time I pulled the following kitchens for inspiration, the first one being my dream kitchen (House Beautiful -Kitchen Of The Month) with a butler’s pantry—which I’ve always wanted. Granted, you could put my kitchen in that butler’s pantry! Hey, it’s always nice to think big!

The Kitchen belongs to Judith Barrett, cookbook writer - No Doubt!

Above - Her Pantry That I Love!

Some Nice Touches To Capture The Look

More on kitchen stuff tomorrow!

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