Monday, March 24, 2008

Kitchen Stuff Continued!

Picture Courtesy Of House Beautiful

After writing yesterday’s blog I thought it would be nice to mention why I love that kitchen so much! Here they are my Top Ten Reasons as follows:

1. Perhaps it’s the very large beautiful Carrara honed marble island
2. Or it could be the open airy feeling with no upper cabinets
3. The retro industrial lighting helps - of course!
4. I love the fact that it’s just clean and simple with no clutter!
5. On top of this, I’ve always been a white kitchen type of girl
6. I’m definitely a huge fan of bead board!
7. I have always dreamt, even before I could cook, of having a Viking stove!
8. Have always dreamt, even before I drank coffee, of having a high-tech cappuccino machine!
9. Plus, who would not want all that natural light!
10. Overall, the end result—timeless classic elegance!

That truly captures me!

All the kitchens I gravitate towards, big, small and somewhere in-between, do have certain elements -which you will see. A few of these elements I have already incorporated into my own small kitchen.

Picture Courtesy of Southern Accents

Now, after freezing this past winter and putting on my mittens and scarf to fetch my morning coffee—I am in desperate need of a proper floor. Both the cold air and the dust from the basement just seep through the prominent cracks in the pine right now! I know last week, I said spring has sprung here in Nashville; however, the weather here in the South can be very deceiving, and especially here in Nashville! You can get all four season in one single day—I kid you not! Like today for instance. This morning—sunny, slightly cool and Springy. On my mid-morning jog—bitterly cold, snow flurries. Now, as I’m writing this blog—overcast in the early afternoon. In just this one day, it was wintry freezing and sunny comfortable all within a few hours.

So today’s pictures have to do with floors

Above Picture Courtesy of Cottage Living

Above Picture Courtesy of Domino

Picture Courtesy of Martha Stewart's " Decorating With Color"

For the sake and cost of my flooring installation I am leaning towards VCT tiles. Some of you may ask what VCT is. Vinyl Composition Tile is used in commercial installations. I have had installed VCT tiles before, I like the price, and with this type of flooring, I can keep my checkerboard floor pattern. If the hubby and I were not nomads and if I weren’t already planning our next house—I would probably splurge and do wood, which we had in our very first house.

More Kitchens tomorrow!

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