Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kitchen Stuff Finale!

I love this kitchen with all the natural light and the beautiful Cowtan & Tout (key stripe) wallpaper. Picture courtesy Of House & Garden 2006 issues. Home of Jennifer Nicholson.

Today's kitchen pictures are simply for the mere fact that I like them! Plus I think they are a good example that's it's not always about the size!

Picture Courtesy of House Beautiful March 2008 issue.

I love this kitchen and would love to see more of it. You may think I'm a minimalist after seeing my dream kitchen, but I love a good display! It's the antiquer in me.

Picture Courtesy of Southern Accents - I've always loved this kitchen! It's red & I did say I'm a white kitchen type of girl. But after all, it is called the Zen Kitchen!

I always love glass cabinets in a kitchen!
Perhaps one day, I'll paint the back of mine! Picture Courtesy of Domino

Last but not least, who would not want to have their morning coffee here - I know I would! My personal favorite happens to be the roman shade fabric in jungle green. Picture Courtesy of Domino--issue Oct 2007-Interior Designer Celerie Kemble.

The END!

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