Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thinking Of Savannah!

I thought I would mention to the all the garden enthusiast that the Savannah Garden & Antiques Exposition show is just around the corner--April 4th -6th to be exact. I love this show and I’ve had the privilege of participating in it before--selling my rose bowls & garden antiques. I’m always one to mix business with a little pleasure! The show is held in an open-air market 19th C. Railroad station. Needless to say, I was truly in my element while being at the show. After all, what more could one ask for in a weekend--beautiful plants, colorful spring flowers, a few fragrant herbs, a little dirt, some fresh air and most of all garden antiques! And who knows, maybe they’ll be playing Frank Sinatra’s I’ve Got You under My Skin!

Picture Courtesy of Cottage Living

The camellias will be in bloom, and I’m here to tell you they take their camellias very seriously! On top of this, there are garden walking tours, so you can check out all the beautiful blooming camellias and azaleas. Indeed, a nice way to spend your weekend!

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