Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More On Kitchen Stuff!

Since I have made a decision regarding the floor—the next item I have to conquer is our Formica counter top. Just in case you have not noticed by now—I love carrara marble! Like anything else, I have done my research on carrara marble and I’m aware of the pros and cons it comes with. So I do indeed know exactly what I’m getting into if we install it. However, as I said earlier, hubby and I are nomadic so I don’t know if the next homeowners will love it and appreciate it as much as me! I even thought of doing a little pastry bakery area with it! But I’m still unsure. I do have the sink picked out and I’m ready to go once I have made a final decision on the countertop! We’ll see.

Yes, we have Formica and a few years ago I was quite happy to read in the May 2006 issue of Domino a feature with Vesta de Yampert Fort. She is an interior decorator from my hubby's home city, New Orleans, and she shared a tip from her former boss. Gerrie Bremermann, (whose work I very much admire), also from New Orleans. The tip had to do with Formica “She said never be afraid of white Formica –it's cheap and innocuous.” You know what, I have white Formica! One of the best little tips I’ve read and totally agree with. So this is another reason why I have just left the Formica, at least for the time being. But boy, I would love to have that carrara marble!

Picture Courtesy of Domino

So you may think, what has she done with a kitchen with no proper floor and Formica countertops and dreadful looking dishwasher! Let’s see, another kitchen I had pulled for inspiration was yet another kitchen from House Beautiful – Kitchen Of The Month. The homeowner here had painted her cabinets Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. I loved it and have used White Dove for trim in the rest of our cottage house as well. However, I used a high gloss oil based paint on my cabinets and they became a little more yellow than I actually wanted–such is life!

Pictures Courtesy of House Beautiful

Yes, more on kitchen stuff tomorrow!

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