Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More On My Powder Room Dilemma!

Returning back to my powder room dilemma--errrr! You now know I can skip the fancy waste baskets and make do with something that I currently have, even if I have to use the hubby's LSU purple and gold trash can! But one thing is for sure, I can't skip out on the soap. And as I was complaining earlier, my powder room is so god-awful ugly that I have not even been inspired to buy soap! But I'm, afraid I'm forced to, I have guests coming soon!

Apiana Gardner's Soap

A few weeks ago, I was out shopping for a few home accessories, trying to figure out what tricks I could pull out of my hat to do something with my blasted powder room. While out, I did come across these wonderful simple bee hand soaps that I absolutely love! The nice thing is, I don't think guests will be scared to use them like the cute Scottish dogs or, say, the Robin eggs that we've all seen around. So I've already bought a few (not to use bee soaps) for my own personal bathroom just to look at as I'm blow drying my hair. I know, I'm weird! I also bought a few for my friend, Jill for her b-day, along with a white-tip napkin. I knew she would appreciate them; she's in the bazaar design trade as well! And as we all learn, it's the small things in life. Also, I'm thinking ahead here, and can put a few in clear little cellophane bags with ribbons for small, simple hostess gifts! What can I say? I love them!

Apiana Honey Soap

And just in case you're wondering, hubby and I have not gone the entire three months in the powder room without soap. Hubby took the liberty, after he noticed I wasn't buying any soap, and bought some liquid soap from Publix, which was very nice of him--indeed A-plus! Later, Ill clue him in on labels in the WC.

Speaking of liquid, this has me puzzled .... do you think guest prefer liquid or hand soap?


GrannySmithGreen said...

These are such lovely soaps. I'll bet they smell so good too. I adore a good soap in a jewel box powder room. I use the soap and the hand towels. Isn't that what they are there for?

Anonymous said...

some people prefer the liquid soap. but i'm like you i like pretty soaps to look at. i would use the pretty soap if i was guest. i use pretty guest paper napkins in a pretty container in my powder room, but guest don't like to use them either, they say they don't want to waste them. that's what they are there for, i tell them. my little grand-daughter uses them, that makes me happy :). love your blog.

Lisa D. said...

Hi Anonymous:

Funny, speaking of pretty paper napkins my, Mother-in-Law just last night for my Husband's B-day let us use the bird napkins that we gave her for Mother's Day! I try to resist but she insisted that we use them! Thanks for the nice comment!

Lisa D. said...

I agree Granny! I was in such a hurry yesterday & I should of mentioned where you could get the soaps here in the Atlanta area. Here you go - Josephine's Antiques & fine Linens 770-600-5888. She has the milk soaps.

susani said...

The Honey one is Lauren's favorite soap.She gets them in her stocking at Christmas. I love them. They make such a creamy lather not suds. YKWIM? I am always too afraid to use soap at someones house. I am afraid to mess them up so I would be more comfortable using liquid. But, if the soap was all there was I would assume it was good to go.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I love pretty soaps too. I am so glad that you found my blog as it brought me to I am going to go look around a bit. Don't be a stranger!

Lisa D. said...

Hi Room Service
I just discovered your blog last week & read it to almost the beginning. Although, I was at work & did try to leave you comments and thought that I should get back to work! All in all, great blog!