Sunday, September 13, 2009

Living With DAWGS!

A Dalmation enjoying his sofa!

Ellie, our two year old mix, and Rolle, our thirteen year old basset hound, are not really allowed on the furniture. Some of the reasoning behind this is not that the hubby and I are MEANIES, it's the fact that Rolle, who is coming up on his 14th birthday, does not jump! Actually, he gave up jumping five years ago while we were living in Charleston. What made matters worse then was when I would remove the rug by the bed for cleaning purposes. Having all hardwood floors, he had no traction!

Clovis the cute Bulldog enjoying his daddy's (Patrick Dunne) Louis XV chair.

After getting Ellie (not quite two years ago), we wanted to get off to a good start in the puppy training department. This after nine years of sharing a bed with a seventy five pound hound who snores louder then his dad, demanded his own pillow, and, if the hubby or I dared moved him an inch, or slightly threatened to scoot him over so we can have some space; defended his bed space with frightening growls! Trust me, this is not what one wants to hear in the middle of the night! After all, it was his bed, and he thought he was being generous by giving up half. So I decided not to go that route with Ellie, even though she is much sweeter and not nearly as hardheaded as the hound.

I've always loved this Westie! Shhh, don't tell Ellie & Rolle

That said, shortly after we got her, I would come home and find pillow feathers all over the floor with rips and tears on the pillowcases and sheets. I've only recently replaced most of them (see a Day at Target by me). Anyway, she has greatly, greatly improved; it could be the fact that she does not like our mattress--hmmm! She currently sleeps on the hubby's forty-five year old Peanuts blanket, that was handed down to her from her brother Rolle, who stays on the carpet in the man cave. But sometimes when our backs are turned, we do catch her on the sofa from time to time. One trick that the hubby and I have not tried is putting the small Dirt Devil on the sofa; this always worked like a charm with Rolle.

Hmm not quite sure of this breed?

After cleaning romper room all weekend with the Resolve, the hubby and I are going to invest in a steamer. Any suggestions?

Rolle the Basset Hound enjoying his stay at the Hermitage in Nashville.

All images of Southern DAWGS (except for this one above of Mr. Rolle) are from Southern Accents

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