Thursday, September 3, 2009

Powder Room Wrap Up!

I absolutely love this powder room by Ann Colye
Why can't I have this?

After today, due to funding issues... don't you just hate how $$$ gets in your way sometimes...I'll shut up about my powder room dilemmas and put my focus on my breakfast room. After all, there's nothing to rip out and replace there (thank god), plus I've already gotten Yung Li started on my slipcovers! So today, I'll sign off with a a few WC's that I've always liked. And once the funding is available, here's what I have in mind:

Image from Mrs. Howard

Wallpaper - Yes, I would love to wallpaper the WC. I always like wallpaper in small spaces, and the nice thing is that you don't need much of it, making it easier on the wallet! On a small side note here, when the hubby and I stayed at his parents compound for a few short months, I chose the downstairs guest room because the bathroom was wallpapered in a very pretty blue chinoiserie bird pattern. My mother-in-law kept saying, "take the hubby's old bedroom; you'll be more comfortable, and it has more space". She was right, it did have more space, but I would not be more comfortable, because I wanted the pretty downstairs wallpapered bathroom. Plus, we were not staying long! So during our stint there I felt like I was at a B&B, and not in Hubby's young teenage room which now is occupied by a huge, old, creepy-looking doll that looks like Chuckie. My point here is my mother-in-law originally did that house twenty five years ago and a few years ago when she was yanking down wallpaper here and there--ducks from Hubby's old bathroom, dated floral patterns in the kitchen etc...I told her (not that she really asked me) not to yank the downstairs bathroom wallpaper. Can't go wrong with true classics. I only wish I could do a chinoiserie but I have a few from Farrow & Ball in mind.

The wallpaper is by Farrow & Ball "Ranelagh" I love the yellow!
I'm thinking I may do St .Antoine in the yellow family - I've wanted to use that paper for years!

Photo from Domino - Drew Berrymore's bathroom

Pedestal sink - Would prefer, but if not I will definitely do carera marble on a vanity. Wish I had my old French commode that I sold a few years ago--pity!

Image from Mrs.Howard

antique mirror--I'll find one or I'll use one I already have.
antique sconces-No problem buddy Cruella is stocked in this department. She'll set me up!

That's a wrap! I really want WC # 1! Whatcha think?


GrannySmithGreen said...

What do I think? Lovely, lovely, lovely!

My aunt had the most beautiful wall paper in her powder room. Of all things, the motif was of huge grapes! It was stunning. I know, grapes? Sounds funny, but it was a show stopper.

I think you could do this and it still be budget friendly. Chinoiserie, and antique mirror, and sconces--you are set! Can't wait!

Lisa D. said...


I can just image how pretty your aunt's wallpaper was. Speaking of grape motif, I'm moving into my breakfast room next! I'm going to be talking about that sometime next week. This weekend Hubby & I are hitting the vineyards - will explain later! Have a great Labor Day!

P.S. You know, I agree I can do my powder room very budget friendly and still get what I want!