Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who's Familiar with Osage Oranges?

When the Hubby and I moved to Nashville it was fall - my favorite time of year. The exact date was Oct 30th, the day before Halloween. The reason why I remember that is because the following day I had no candy to offer the trick-or-treaters who arrived at the new place. Anyway, as the movers were busy unloading our stuff, I decided to take a small stroll with Rolle, who had been in the car for over five hours and needed a little walk. While out for our stroll that fall afternoon, Rolle and I discovered something that I had never seen before here in the South--big round green balls that were dropping from the trees.

Later in the afternoon when Rolle and I arrived back at the house, I asked the smallest of our movers, and old-school who I could see was not happy with moving my leftover business inventory (20 75 lb boxes of cast iron garden edgings), and he called them horse apples. I thought to myself, now that's easy enough for me to remember. After living in Nashville for three+ years, I discovered that their real name--Osage Orange. And yes, you see the faux ones in places like Crate & Barrel.

Now, being back in Atlanta, I have discovered that there are a few Osage Oranges here as well. And I've learned that in the 19th century they were planted to keep the bugs away in the summer months. I came home with a basket full of them today. I'm wondering, what else can they be used for... Any thoughts?

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