Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who Likes Stripes?

Last year, my good friend Susan was working on her foyer, and like so many of us, she was short in the cash department. She asked me for a few suggestions (Dressing Up the Foyer) and I sent her a few pictures, and then I got tied up with several things, and she got tied up with several things, and so on and so on. So the last couple of times that we've talked we have not discussed her foyer issues.

Earlier this past April when Joni from Cote de Texas posted A Pictorial of Grey Gardens, I thought, hmmmm, I absolutely love this foyer with the beautiful blue striped wallpaper and moldings. I could not take my eyes off it! Now Susan and I have very similar taste; if we don't like something the other one chooses, then we simply say "Oh that looks like you" and we leave it. This is also like my buddy Cruella, who every time I show her something and she absolutely hates it she saids "Oh Lisa that looks like you". This is code for she hates it! Though I just bet Susan will love this. The wallpaper here is Cowtan & Tout (more on the pricier side) and Susan has a nice-sized foyer, not as big as this one above, but a nice size nonetheless.

So here's what I'm thinking for my buddy Susan, and perhaps me too (finally a foyer); to save money, but to add interest, you could paint tone on tone. I'm seriously thinking about doing this to my foyer as well, but it would not come without repercussions. I have a feeling that the Hubby may fall off the scaffold while (his dad did) doing the taping and the measuring for the stripes. Our foyer is not all that big, but it does go up the stairs, and I would want to continue the stripes just like you see here. I would offer do the taping myself, after all the first coat of paint is done, but I'm only 5'2" so I need the hubby's help with the taping and measuring, which is key for this technique .

Just like I told Susan last year always "add your home grown Hydrangeas & you won't go wrong!" All images from Joni

More on stripes tomorrow!


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I have seen the tone on tone just using semi-gloss and flat paint in the same color and it looked great. It would not be easy to do all the taping ect. But it would look great! Good luck!

Lisa D. said...

Hi Room Service:

I've seen the same & loved it! Oh, yes the taping & measuring is a little difficult but that's one department my husband seems to be good in! We did a checker bd floor in the diamond pattern a few years ago and he did all the measuring, taping etc. It turned out pretty good! I think it's a patience thing which I don't have.

P.S. Wanted to leave you a message about the post you did on books beginning covered etc. I'm totally with you on that.

susani said...

You are right. I love it. I also loved the movie about Grey Gardens. The only movie I have liked Drew B in.