Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Breakfast Room!

I have a breakfast room; it's the hubby and my first. It's located off our living room and galley-style kitchen, with a sun room off of it as well. And it also leads into the den (man cave). It's not incredibly big--a rectangle about 10 X 12, but big enough for an oval English table that I've been dragging around with us for just this very purpose. It's also where the Ellie and Rolle have their dinner since the kitchen is gallery style. On the weekends the hubby and I have breakfast in there as well. (Our dinner seems to be on our big glass coffee table watching a particular news channel-grrr).

I probably spoke too soon last week when I said there was nothing in the breakfast room to take a jack hammer to, because the floor is terracotta, which I don't really care for. But it has to stay for now. The good thing is the terracotta floor, does flow nicely from the galley kitchen to the sun room, so I guess it's not so bad for now.

I've been pondering a few things about our breakfast room. Today's pictures have to do with different elements that I want to incorporate. A few of the pictures are actually dining rooms. I don't seem to have a lot of pictures of small breakfast rooms, this house was built in the seventies so it's not the huge, open-floor plan concept.

Just came across the pictures above the other day and it sparked my memory of it! I absolutely love the Bordeaux Toile fabric on the wall by Lee Jofa, and I think those tones will work better for me! Love the wainscotting as well! I can't stop looking at this! Southern Accents January-February 2007.

Of course, one of my favorites! Same Bordeaux by Lee Jofa.

(Cote de Texas to investigate).

Absolutely love everything about this room - slipcovers, fabric, table, hydrangeas on the table, ironstone, french doors, sisal rug!

But here's the thing, Yung Li has already done my slip covers--the bottoms are done in a golden yellow linen. So I'm pondering, should I do the tops (chairs are shield backs), should I do blue willow (I've already bought a few piece of it)? Or should I do ironstone? Also, I have a sun room that I haven't really started on yet. Do you think I could incorporate the Bordeaux there?

My slips are this color but ohhh so much cuter! You'll see...if not you can tell me and you won't hurt my feelings; I promise. Oh, these chairs are Jeffrey Bilhuber from his Long Island home.

Tomorrow my love affair with Blue Willow and ironstone!


susani said...

Of course I'm not a decorator but, I always love to hear your ideas. I bet just the bottom of the chairs in gold would be beautiful. I love the Bodeaux wallpaper. I think it would look great in the breakfast nook area. The Willow would look great as accents. I would love to see more pictures as you go along.

Lisa D. said...

Hey Susani:

Thanks! I''m going to show pictures as soon as I can find my camera.