Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nothing Could Be Finer Then Being In Carolina!

A Carolina Mountain Hideaway

The other day while out for my morning jog I quickly noticed the leaves were starting to fall. Here in Nashville, I do love the fall but I’m not ready for my summer to be over just yet. Usually while out for my morning jog, several things are normally on my mind, and during this particular jog my head was swimming with things! For the last three weeks the hubby and I have been busy working on our cottage—I won’t go into full detail but I’m sure a few of you can relate—Murphy’s Law seemed to set in! Let’s see, my beloved handyman has been to see me more than a few times working on some projects that were planned and on some that were not-so-planned! On Tuesday evening, after work and a brief stop at Anthropology to check on glass door knobs, I arrive home to shattered glass on our porch and inside our house. Ellie, our chow mix, was the culprit (On the bright side, no emergency trip to the veterinarian--she was fine thank god)! So this past Wednesday my glass guy made an emergency trip to see me. He had just been to see me this past Friday and practically replaced every cracked window in the place. He did assure me that the new glass would not shatter–yea for that!

Oh, and before I forget, this past Saturday, while sitting on our deck and enjoying a cup a coffee with Rolle and Ellie before starting my day—my neighbor’s Hackberry took out half of our fence—the same fence my beloved handyman had just fixed less than a week ago! When my yards guys showed up, they quickly reminded me about my earlier repairs to the fence– which was a nice touch I thought–perhaps maybe they thought that I had forgotten about writing that check! I did try to explain to my buddy Cruella exactly how big a Hackerberry tree is. Cruella lives in the suburbs and I think she was thinking of a Bradford Pear or a skinny pine (Georgia is full of them). A better analogy would be maybe the Statue of Liberty! Since I had left the hubby at home to deal with that mess he said that when the NES guys arrived, the mess was so big they had to wake up their boss. It seems this is one of their top two things to get the boss out of bed for—a Hackberry tree down, and an 18-year-old with a backhoe!

Home of Winton Noah & Hal Ainsworth
Owners of Ainsworth-Noah in Atlanta

Anyway, now that summer is coming to a close it’s time for me Rolle, Ellie and hubby to hit the beach. After all our little mishaps, we might be SLEEPING on the beach, but that’s not going to stop us. I’m singing off for the week and leaving you with this Carolina Mountain house owned by Ainswoth & Noah. This house instantly popped into my mind. while on that morning jog. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to Charleston next week as well. See you soon!

All Images from Veranda September-October 2006 issues

Photography by John Grover

Above beautiful 18th century blue & white Chinese export porcelain!

More beautiful Chinese export porcelain and a few copper cookware pieces. Also, a & a 19th Century stove - I love this Carolina Mountain hideaway!


GrannySmithGreen said...

You win! I think you are my favorite design blog!

The blue and white is always classic. Don't you like how it plays off the white walls, dark floors and black furniture?

I think I'd do a beach house like this too. It looks fresh and clean.

Lisa D. said...

Thank you!!! I totally agree blue & white a true classic and yes I would do a beach house like this as well! I think that is why it popped up in mind that day. We're off to Jekyll Island -- I hope the hurricane doesn't get in our way! Thanks again for recommending the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. See you when I get back.