Monday, August 25, 2008

Loving Cowtan & Tout!

Images from Martha Stewart September 2008 issue

This past Sunday morning while sitting in my living room, sipping a little hazelnut coffee, and leafing through a few magazines, I was reflecting on the day before, the most notable occurrence of which was my neighbor Sandy’s Hackberry tree collapsing and taking down half of my fence (long story)! I finally had a chance to think about some much needed decorating! Anyhow, I currently have greens, gold’s and brown and have wanted to incorporate a little blue in my color scheme. I quickly noticed this Cowtan & Tout fabric in the September issue of Martha Stewart and loved it! I instantly thought of the other ways it has been used and here they are. What do you think?

Currently in Martha Stewart --Sevigny fabric in Pistachio Sky by Cowtan & Tout looks great in a living room setting mixed with greens, golds and brown.

Here Carolyne Roehm uses Cowtan & Tout fabric in her
New York bedroom apartment
Image from Veranda - Photography by Sylvie Becquet

Again, Ruthie Sommers uses the same Cowtan & Tout fabric for a headboard in a California bedroom. Image from House Beautiful 2005


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I adore just about everything Cowtan and Tout, or Colefax and Fowler. Exquisite patterns and unmatched quality for both. I use something from one or both on every project it seems.

GrannySmithGreen said...

C and T, very nice fabric selections. Like the idea of a touch of blue--makes me think of the sky--the same way green goes with anything. I hope I'm making sense!

I'm such a sucker for pretty fabric. I've saved a slew of old sample pieces from design school thinking I'll do something with them. I've covered a random seat cushion, and made a shower curtain or two.

I'll take you up on the Atlanta shop recommendations sometime. I'm not sure when I'm going back, but I'll let you know. I just didn't have the time I thought I would this past weekend.

Lisa D. said...
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Lisa D. said...

Hi Pamela terry & Edward
Thanks for stopping by! I certainly agree-love them both!

Lisa D. said...

Hi grannysmithgreen
Yes, you are making sense! Trust me I understand, you need more then a long weekend in Atlanta to hit all the shops! P.S. Thanks again, for your recommendation for Jekyll Island Club Hotel.

Amy said...

I simply love this fabric, pistachio it available to purchased by the yard and if so, how do I go about doing so?

Amy said...

I simply love this fabric, pistachio it available to purchased by the yard and if so, how do I go about doing so?

Lisa D. said...

Hi Amy
Sorry it has taken me some time to get back--I did want to let you know that the sevigny fabric by Cowtan & Tout is still available however it is sold only to the trade. Which means you would have to go through a designer to place your order. If I get some more information I would be happy to pass it along. I know it truly is a beautiful fabric!

Rachel said...

those pillows are darling.