Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Return of my Beloved Handyman!

Image via Martha Stewart Living

Today, I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my beloved handyman and his side-kick Larry. I have not seen my beloved handyman for a few months! We had to break if off this past spring after he finished my closet and a few other miscellaneous things, some of which hubby still says that he didn’t agree to. Needless to say, I have certainly missed him and wished we could meet more frequently but unfortunately that is not the case--sometimes in my household I must choose either using him or getting maintenance for myself. So, today, my beloved handyman will be installing a light fixture that the hubby broke and is afraid to tackle for fear of being electrocuted. However, I can’t say that I blame him; we still have some old wiring in our house, as every electrician has pointed out to me in the last seventeen months since we owned it. Next, my loving handyman will fix our dilapidated fence before it falls into my neighbor Sandy’s yard, and trust me, this is the last thing either of us need right now. Last but not least, I’m finally having him do some work in our attic, which is important real estate right now (currently my office). When I saw Martha’s creative attic last year, I thought to myself—hey, this is what I want! A creative refuge, and preferably one where I don’t drip with sweat while trying to scan a picture or two in these hot, sizzling days, and one where I don’t have to wear my mittens and scarf just to check my e-mail and to surf J.Crew in January!

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Cote de Texas said...

I love this attic - I've seen pictures of it before!!

Thanks for the offer of tag but I was just tagged last month!!! :(

thanks again for your kind words.