Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who Likes Puddles?

Image from Southern Accents Sept --Oct 2008
Photographed by Pieter Estersohn

This past Saturday, after fetching our afternoon mail--after having worked all morning on house stuff (helping hubby install our much needed kitchen floor), I thought I deserved a minute or two to leaf through my new Southern Accents. It’s a great issue, and one the thing that I noticed was Amelia Handegan’s (a Charleston designer whose work I’ve long admired) client’s new home on King Street. Anyway, I noticed in one of the more formal rooms, the clean, elegant curtains puddle a wee bit.

Image from Michael Smith's Elements of Style

Personally, I like curtains to puddle, but with that said, it really depends on the year and make of the house, whether it has high or low ceilings, ect. Anyway, every time I see curtains that puddle it always makes me think of Michael Smith. In his book Elements of Style he says that “I prefer curtains to be a classic length, just touching the floor.” He adds that, as for curtains that “pool and puddle,” the concept now looks ridiculous and exaggerated—the opposite of elegance. “These curtains act like dust-catchers, and make a room appear dowdy.” Admittedly, I agree with that, and you can rest assured my hubby does too—he has never been a fan of puddles – maybe it’s a guy thing. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because in my household I have not really mastered either way. Here, recently, after having my curtains puddled, I noticed that Ellie, our dog, would use them to hide her milk bones from her brother, Rolle. Needless to say, my puddles weren’t really doing it for me. After having the hubby rehang them to lightly touch the floor they are now probably a inch to high, and I don’t think that is what Michael Smith had in mind either!

Image from House & Garden-Home of Nigella Lawson

What do you think- do you like puddles?


GrannySmithGreen said...

Here's my thought: a curtain, in most cases, should be like a pair of pants--they should have at least one break. If they have too many breaks it looks overdone. If there is no break, it could look skimpy--but I've seen it work. I don't care for massive puddles. That's just my ten cents worth!

Cote de Texas said...

I like a two or three inch puddles, drapes with no ironed in pleats. then you take the hem in your hands, step away and let the drapes fall softly to floor. beautiful! love your blog!

thanks for the comment too.